You can see this blog as a home away from home. Feel free to share your deepest thoughts, biggest fears, and greatest ideas. Your lessons are priceless to us and to so many others. Whether you’re a writer, journalist, expert or all of them, your unique perception matters. Let’s make the internet great again with the art of writing. Start contributing content to this blog right now.

Why? What’s in it for me?

Quality writing is underrated these days, but we don’t. We're giving you a free space to:

  • attract a wide audience from different expert fields such as developers, marketers, managers, and salesmen straight from the top to people from the start-up community.
  • put yourself out there as a dedicated writer and expert in your own field of knowledge
  • link to your own site and improve your SEO
  • give your brand a credibility boost

You give something, you get something…

The principle “content creates content” is no longer new in the business world. Writing an article or blog means you’re able to promote this content in your newsletter, on your social media, website…

Having a hard time distributing or recycling your blog content? No worries, we’re the rescue team you’ve been looking for. Your content is in the right hands with us, and the best part? We only accept payments in Monopoly money. That’s right, we’ll help you for free with the distributing of your co-blog in return for your outstanding publication.

How to become a co-blogger?

1. Write a masterpiece

Be authentic and sincerely, write something of your own, express original thoughts and experiences. Others may inspire you, just don’t forget to mention your sources. Make sure every blog has an author ID with his/her name, the name of the company and a picture of the writer.  It’s essential to keep readers curious, be sure to add photos, videos or downloadables.

2. Wait for approval

Our experts will look carefully into your work, taking the following things into account: did you use a lot of buzzwords or jargon (we don’t like it!), is the information in your blog up-to-date (use recent statistics and sources), did you write to-the-point (readers love hands-on tips & tricks).

Your piece of art should at least contain 300 words, with less information we don’t believe you can provide a worthy answer (you may always try to prove us wrong). Most people don’t like to take a day off in order to read an article, so try to keep your blog under 2000 words. According to the latest research blogs somewhere between 800-1500 words are the most read ones.

3. Get published

If your blog makes it through authorization (which is very likely) you will get a beautiful spot under one of our hashtags. Either way, we will keep you posted, even if your blog still needs some tweaks to be released.

4. Increase your reach

You know what we say about co-blogging: “Boosting others, is boosting yourself”! By contributing to our blog; you push your own website forward, you expand your network and audience, you get the opportunity to be seen as an expert, giving yourself and your business a confidence boost.

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